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March 2021 Are We Finally Finished With the Unfinished Business Rule?
February 2021 State Bar Inquiries Not to Be Taken Lightly
January 2021 Don't Impair Your Client's Right to Fire You
December 2020 The No-Contact Rule Revisited
September 2020 Your Ethical Duties: Dealing with an Impaired Lawyer in Your Firm
June 2020 Serving as a Mediator or Arbitrator
May 2020 Don't Impair Your Client's Right to Fire You
April 2020 Changes in the Wind for Law Practice
March 2020 Lawyers Changing Firms: An Update
January 2020 Positional Conflicts Revisited
December 2019 A Joint Client Retracts Previously Given Consent
November 2019 Information You Must Give Joint Clients
October 2019 The Accidental Client
September 2019 The Ethical Considerations of Saying Goodbye
July 2019 Are You Ever Not a Lawyer?
February 2019 Positional Conflicts of Interest
January 2019 Ethics and the Bill O'Reilly Settlement Agreement
November 2018 Another Reason Not to Misbehave at the Courthouse
October 2018 Ethical Rule Violations and Malpractice
September 2018 New Rules Make Changing Firms a Little Easier
June 2018 Information Learned in the Representation of a Current Client
March 2018 When a Client Shows Up as a Witness for the Other Side
January 2018 When Does a Prospective Client Become the Real Thing?
November 2017 Profit-Sharing, Ethics and Employee Compensation
October 2017 Moving Between Government and Private Practice
September 2017 Fake News, Alternative Facts, Legal Ethics
May 2017 Legal Ethics and Collaborative Law Practice
March 2017 What Happens When Hired Guns Misfire (full-length article)
February 2017 Fee-Splitting & Avvo
January 2017 Legal Ethics and the Impaired Lawyer
November 2016 Referral Fees and Conflicts of Interest
October 2016 Sharing Fees, Unintended Consequences
September 2016 Derivative Liability Revisited
June 2016 LinkedIn and Arizona's Lawyer Advertising Rules
May 2016 Lawyer Succession Planning Now Mandatory
March 2016 Ethical Pitfalls for Expert Witnesses and the Lawyers Who Retain Them (full-length article)
February 2016 Do Our Advertising Rules Need an Upgrade?
January 2016 Returning Client Files: Another Look

December 2015

No-Solicitation Rules Alive, Well at Legal Seminars

November 2015

Settlement Agreement Terms May Cause Ethical Trouble

July/August 2015

The No-Contact Rule and Former Employees

June 2015

Clients with Diminished Capacity

May 2015

Are You Still a Good Lawyer?

March 2015

Representing an Organization, Its Constituents

January 2015

Impliedly Authorized Disclosures

November 2014

Client Consent, Informed and Otherwise

July/August 2014

Unfinished Business, Migrating Lawyers

June 2014

Joint Defense Agreements

April 2014

Multiple Law Firm Affiliations

January 2014

Web-Based Client Reviews

November 2013

Ethics and the Aging Lawyer

September 2013

On Screening

July/August 2013

Confidences of Prospective Clients

June 2013

Gifts and Bequests from Clients

April 2013

Suing Your Client for Unpaid Fees

January 2013

Law Office Estate Planning

November 2012

Confidentiality of Communications Between Lawyers in the Same Firm

September 2012

Interstate Practice of Law

June 2012

Obligations to Third Persons (Part 2)

May 2012

Obligations to Third Persons (Part 1)

April 2012

Dealing with the Unrepresented Party

March 2012

Changing Fee Agreements Revisited

February 2012

Disclaimers, Good Faith and the Prospective Client

January 2012

Loans to Clients

October 2011

When Lawyers Change Firms

September 2011

Missteps and Your Client's Settlement

June 2011

New Wrinkle in Loan Modifications

March 2011

Watch Your Website!

December 2010

Dealing with Your Partner's Conflicts of Interest

October 2010

Don't Impair Your Client's Right to Settle

September 2010

Know What's in Your Trust Account

May 2010

Owning Up to Your Own Mistakes

January 2010

Loan Modification Services

November 2009

Threatening a Disciplinary Complaint

July/August 2009

Threatening Criminal Prosecution

May 2009

Independent Duties of Supervision

March 2009

Arbitrating Fee Disputes

January 2009

Advance Waivers to Potential Conflicts

September 2008

Secret Settlement Terms Can Spell Trouble

July/August 2008

Reacting to Inadvertent Disclosure

June 2008

Financial Penalties for Departing May Be OK

May 2008

Don't Tie Your Settlement Hands

April 2008

When Lawyers Behave Badly

January 2008

Which Is Better: Super (Lawyers) or Best (Lawyers)?

November 2007

Limited Representation and Your Engagement Letter

October 2007

Borrowing to Finance a Lawsuit

June 2007

Creative Financing

May 2007

The Engagement Letter

April 2007

Post-Departure Fee Splitting Agreements

March 2007

Ethical Rules: Personal and Nondelegable

February 2007

Paying to Help Your Client's Lawsuit

January 2007

Inadvertent Disclosure Revisited

November 2006

Misstatements in Negotiations

October 2006

Referring Clients to Other Lawyers

September 2006

Inadvertent Disclosure Revisited

July/August 2006

Settlement When Representing More Than One Party

June 2006

Limited Representation Revisited

April 2006

Screening Out Your Conflicts

March 2006

The Prospective Client

January 2006

Perjury Pitfalls

December 2005

Nonrefundable Fees

November 2005

Fee-Splitting Cautions

October 2005

Enforcing Your Right to Get Paid

September 2005

Take Care When Changing Fee Agreements

June 2005

Derivative Liabilities a Danger

February 2005

Foreseeing Claims Between You and Your Clients

January 2005

Payments to Witnesses Require Care

November 2004

Representing Multiple Parties in One Suit

September 2004

Law Practice with the Slow-Pay Client

June 2004

Judgmental Criticism Not Recommended

March 2004

Clients and Their Creditors

February 2004

Lawyers as Police?

January 2004

What Needs to Be in Writing

November 2003

Ethical Probate Practice

September 2003

Returning a Client's Files

June 2003

Gifts and Referrals

February 2003

Uncovering Opportunities by Unbundling Services

January 2003

Double Billing Your Clients Is Double Trouble

October 2002

The Secrets Lawyers Keep

September 2002

Ban Bullying from Your Practice

May 2002

Secret Deals Undermine Justice System

April 2002

Clients Come First When Lawyers Leave Firms

March 2002

Bad Manners May Lead to Discipline

February 2002

Keep Malpractice at Bay

January 2002

Limit Disclosures when Withdrawing as Counsel

December 2001

Internet Lawyering Needs Careful Clicking

November 2001

When Conversation Can Hurt Your Case

September 2001

Privilege: Keeping Client Confidences Under Wraps

July/August 2001

Nail Down Your CLE Hours

June 2001

The Role of "Bad Cases" in Good Law

May 2001

What You Don't Tell a Client Can Get You in Real Trouble

May 2001

Third Parties and Their Hazards

April 2001

Truth Not Trumped by Best Interest of Client

March 2001

Negotiations: Remember Your Client When Conveying Offers

February 2001

Honoring Confidentiality When Communications Take a Wrong Turn

January 2001

Lawyers and Their Leases: Sharing Office Space